Ceramic Network request failed

if you encounter error like this :

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Failed to resolve did:3:kjzl6cwe1jw147zqv5dtc1ftpxhxoo0tsabl7271zemu8hkjukmcey2ja2fhlu4?version-id=0#dMW2faveLVp6D2H: invalidDid, TypeError: Network request failed
    at DID.resolve (did.js?f452:230:1)
    at async DID.verifyJWS (did.js?f452:142:1)
    at async DID.authenticate (did.js?f452:86:23)

and your code maybe look like :

const ceramic = new CeramicClient('')
  const did = new DID({
    // Get the DID provider from the 3ID Connect instance
    provider: threeID.getDidProvider(),
    resolver: {

Try to change

const ceramic = new CeramicClient()


const ceramic = new CeramicClient('https://ceramic-clay.3boxlabs.com')